LuxSpeed Privacy Policy

The service LuxSpeed, incorporated in the related iOS and Android apps, takes user privacy very seriously.

  • This starts with the policy that no user account or any user data is required to operate the service, creating the advantage of a quicker start for the user. An optional username, which does not necessarily need to reflect the user’s real name, can be selected if desired. This username is not linked to the user’s identity.
  • The main app feature, referred to as “warnings”, requires permission to read the device location. This access is needed to be able to notify the user when approaching a control (speed cam, police check, …). Running the feature in the background (“background warnings”) requires permission for background location access. The used location data is never collected, sent to a server or used for any other purposes.
  • All data points that are sent to a server for synchronisation purposes, are completely anonymous and represent the absolute minimum necessary information to run the service. They solely consists of data related to the user reported police checks and speed cams (date, location, reporting platform and optional username).
  • Advertising inside the apps is done through AdMob. Please refer to the AdMob privacy policy.
  • Analytics inside the apps is done through Firebase. Please refer to the Firebase privacy policy.